Parking Spaces

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With the exception to Kei cars and a few prefectures in Japan, the first thing any prospective buyer needs to do is secure a valid parking space for their vehicle. While the process is relatively straight forward, it can take a little time to secure the parking space and so is best to apply directly before the purchase of a vehicle.

What if I own my own property?

For those who own the property for which vehicles will be stored the process is very simple. Simply download or obtain an original form from your local police station and fill out accoridngly.

Parking Space

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Step One

For those who live in an apartment, the simpliest way to apply would be to contact your management company directly, who can help you through the whole process. Parking facilities are typially ajoined to the property itself. For home owners in built up residential areas, you will need to check your local area first for availability. Most parking areas also have a placard at the entrance providing details of the management company, which can be contacted directly.

NB: The above link for checking local spaces is provided in Japanese only.

Step Two

Once contact with the management company has been established, it is important to clarify a few things:

  • i. Confirm the address of the parking space you are applying for
  • ii. Number of parking spaces currently available
  • iii. Any height restrictions for the space(s)
  • iv. Monthly fee for the use of the parking space
  • v. Total amount due for deposit, key money and/or commission. This can add anywhere from 3 to 6 months additional costs to the initial fee.
  • vi. Contract period and cancellation fees should you not fulfill the contract
  • vii. Any other clauses. i.e. JA parking require all applicants to pay via a JA bank account.

NB: Costs shouldn't change regardless of an individual or business contract.

Parking Application

Step Three

In order to process the application for a parking space, simply fill out the application form provided (in Japanese), and provide copies of the vehicles current shaken certificate, and driving license of the current/prospective owner/user of the vehicle. It's worth noting that if a parking consent form is required for the registration process, an extra fee may be charged.

Step Four

After succesfully applying, the first months fee - plus additionals, will be needed to paid in full via bank transfer. Once payment has been confirmed, contracts will be forwarded to your registered address with a date from which you are legally allowed to use the parking space. Simply sign the necessary paperwork and return to the management company to complete the process.