Personalised Number Plates

Personal Graphic

First initiated in the spring of 1999, personalised number plates are easily identifable (in most cases) by the absence of one or more numerals, which are replaced with a centered dot. Owners of regular vehicles, light (kei) vehicles and commercial vehicles are eligible to apply at the following times:

  • 1. Upon first registration (includes imports),
  • 2. Upon Ownership Change,
  • 3. Loss or Damage to Current Plates
Japanese License Plate

Commemorative number plate for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Where to Apply?

The application process is conveniently done online, and is accessible 365 days a year. At the time of application, details from the current shaken certificate will be required, e.g. Chassis no. and number plate.

Applications in JAPANESE only.

Numbers allocated by lots

The fourteen numbers shown below are allocated by lots only on a nationwide basis. Applications for one of these numbers (or any of the additional numbers allocated on a prefectural basis) need to be submitted by Sunday every week, with the results posted every Monday.

Allocated plates for lots

NB: In the event that applicants are unsuccessful in obtaining their desired number, they can re-apply again the following week.

Price List

Pricing of personalised number plates varies depending on the prefecture in which vehicles are to be registered, however in comparison to the price of a standard number plate are by no means excessive. The table below lists prices for vehicles to be registered in the Kanto area.

Regular Plates JPY4,300
Illuminated Plates (R) JPY5,500 (L) JPY6,620
Regular Plates JPY4,100
Illuminated Plates (R) JPY5,300 (L) JPY6,500
Regular Plates JPY4,200
Illuminated Plates (R) JPY5,400 (L) JPY6,560

Key: (R) Regular Vehicles, (L) Light Vehicles

Confirmation Email & Payment terms

Upon submitting the application online, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered email account with details on how to make payment via bank transfer. In order for the transport bureau to confirm payments, registrants are required to enter their name and application ID in the payer (name) column.


Registrants will recieve an additional email confirming payment, along with notification of the time period in which the number plates can be transferred to your vehicle from the given transport bureau.

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