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Shaken Certificate

shaken certificate

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The shaken certificate is the legal document that carries all information about the vehicle and it's owner (and where applicable, the user), and must be carried in vehicles at all times. Should you not be able to provide this upon request, the punishment is either 6 penalty points or a fine, or in some cases both.

Compulsory Insurance Certificate

compulsory insurance certificate

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As the name suggests, this is mandatory for all vehicles to obtain at the time of registration. In the result that a driver decides not have voluntary insurance cover, this minimal insurance plan covers third parties only - both persons and objects, in the event of an accident. Insurance can be purchased on a month-by-month basis, however the most common terms are 12mths (commercial), 24mths and 37mths for first-time registered vehicles.

Automobile Tax Payment Certificate

automobile tax payment certificate

Part of the registration process involves notifying the transport department of the owners current residential address for tax purposes. At the beginning of every tax year - the 1st of April, the current legal registered owner will receive a notification slip for due taxes, to be paid in full no later than the 31st of May. It is IMPORTANT to keep the stub of this payment slip, for proof of payment at the time of shaken renewal. If lost, a replacement can be obtained for a nominal fee.

Shaken Inspection Form

shaken inspection form

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The inspection form is used to record the results of each test stage at the time of shaken renewal. At various points along the line, you will be instructed to place this form into a blue machine, in which a pass ( ○ ) or fail ( x ) mark is recorded for that specific stage of the test. Providing vehicles pass all of the items listed, owners will use this form as prove to receive the newly issued shaken certificate from the test centre.

Weight Tax Application Form

weight tax application form

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One of two applicable fees to be paid at the time of shaken renewal. Depending on the curb weight of the vehicle, as listed on the shaken certificate in the link provided, owners need to attach the exact amount of weight tax due in the form of a revenue stamp in the box provided at the foot of the form. The exact amount of tax applicable is calculated at the transport department on your behalf.

Maintenance Checklist

maintenance check list

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The above maintenance checklist is used in accordance with the 12mth and 24mth legal inspections in Japan, noting what components have been checked, exchanged or may need replacing. In addition, when owners of their vehicles wish to sell their vehicle, either commercially or privately, the maintenance records prove to be a vital document in assisting any buyer to better understand the vehicle's history.