Shaken Certificate Glossary

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The shaken certificate - as below, holds all the details about the vehicle and it’s current registered owner and user. Certificates are A4 in size and printed on carbon paper, and should be kept in the car at all times, usually inside the vehicle handbook.

NB: Drivers may receive 6pts on their license and/or a fine for driving without the shaken certificate to hand, or with the shaken having expired .

Whether you simply wish to understand the contents of the certificate, or looking to register a vehicle on your own, our glossary lists all the Japanese headings, with the English translation highlighted in bold in the descriptions below.

Shaken Certificate

All personal details have been removed from the example above.

自動車登録番号 (じどうしゃとうろくばんごう)

The number plate easily identifies each individual vehicle from the next, however also indicate information with regards to the type of vehicle and which local municipality each vehicle is registered with.

登録年月日・交付年月日 (とうろくねんがっぴ・こうふねんがっぴ)

Displays the date with which vehicles were either first registered, or last transferred.

Dates are displayed using the Japanese dating system showa or heisei

初度登録年月 (しょどとうろくねんげつ)

Displays the date with which the vehicle was first registered.

Dates are displayed using the Japanese dating system showa or heisei

自動車の種類 (じどうしゃのしゅるい)

Displays the type of vehicle registered in terms of size, engine size, weight and number of passengers legally allowed to transport. (e.g. motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks, heavy-duty vehicles)

車名 (しゃめい)

Displays the manufacturer of the registered vehicle.

Displayed in either chinese characters, katakana or romaji.

乗車定員 (じょうしゃていいん)

Displays the number of passengers with which the registered vehicle is legally allowed to transport. Children aged twelve and over count as one adult, whereas children under the age of twelve count as 2/3.

車両重量 (しゃりょうじゅうりょう)

Displays the vehicles curb weight with no passengers in transit, and used to configure the weight tax applicable at the time of shaken.

車台番号 (しゃだいばんごう)

Displays the vehicles chassis number (VIN no.), used for vehicle identification during the registration process.

Chassis no. located in various locations on the car e.g. windscreen, engine bay, floor sills under carpet.

長さ・幅・高さ (ながさ・はば・たかさ)

The vehicle dimensions are listed as length, width and height, and are required during the application process for a parking certificate with the local police authorities.

型式 (かたしき)

This notifies the vehicles particular grade, which differs depending on a vehicles interior and exterior packages, engine size, drivetrain etc, and is used to calculate acquisition tax.

総排気量 (そうはいきりょう)

Indicates the engine capacity of the vehicles to the nearest cc, and used to calculate the amount of automobile tax payable per annum.

所有者の氏名・住所 (しょゆうしゃのしめい)

Displays the name and address of the legal owner of the vehicle. Names can be registered in either Chinese characters, katakana or romaji.

使用者の氏名・住所・本拠の位置 (しようしゃのしめい・じゅうしょ・ほんきょのいち)

If different to that of above, displays the name, address and registered location of the legal user of the vehicle. In cases where the legal owner and user are the same, this will be indicated with an asterisk.

有効期限の満了する (ゆうこうきげんのまんりょうする)

Displays the expiry date of the vehicle inspection.

Dates are displayed using the Japanese dating system showa or heisei.

備考 (びこう)

Displays additional notes with regards to the issuing municipality, previous taxes paid, emission standards, mileage at the last recorded shaken and legal requirements for noise pollution.