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How do I install Thule smartphone mount?

You don’t have to undo the skeleton web, you can just push in on the button, take this off, and have access to your phone wile this is still mounted onto the handlebar. Then when you’re ready to reconnect it, just push the button, slide the mount on, and it secures into place.

How does the Quad Lock work?

The Quad Lock system is designed with a Patented Dual Stage Locking mechanism which securely attached the case to the mount. When attaching the case you will hear the locking collar or lever “click” into place.

Is Quad Lock good?

I’m also quite picky with the phone cases I purchase, I haven’t had a broken screen in six years, and the Quad Lock case is certainly up to my standards. It’s a more solid and harder material than the more rubber based cases I’ve used, but still offers great edge protection, and the phone is very secure.

Should I attach my phone to my bike?

Mounting your mobile phone to the bike can be nerve-racking. However with a wealth of ride tracking and navigational apps available, on your handlebars may well be the best place for it.

Which is the best mobile holder for bike?

Best mobile holders for bike in India

  • Bobo Claw-Grip Mobile Holder.
  • Chevik X-Grip Bike Mobile Holder.
  • Brolaviya Bike Cell Phone Holder.
  • Humble Universal 360 Degree Adjustable Mobile Phone Holder.
  • Generic Bike Mobile Holder.
  • Grand Pitstop Claw-Grip Mobile Holder.
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Who owns Quad Lock?

Quad Lock founder Rob Ward,(left) and Chris Peters launched a crowdfunding campaign in 2011 to fund their startup. Quad Lock is owned by Annex Products and manufactures mounts that secure smartphones to bikes, motor bikes, cars and sports arm bands.

Does Quad Lock work with magsafe?

Due to the thickness of the Quad Lock mounting feature, the Apple Magsafe charger will not magnetically attach when using a Quad Lock Case. Unfortunately, this means that the Magsafe charger is unable to charge iPhone 12’s when using a Quad Lock case.

Who makes Quad Lock?

Chris Peters and Rob Ward recognized exactly that when they started not one, but two successful ecommerce companies selling products to protect and travel with smartphones. This turned out to be a market with huge potential, and today, Quad Lock is one of the best-known device mount and accessory companies around.

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