FAQ: How Much Does An 1989 Fat Cat Motorbike Weigh?

How much does a Honda fat cat weigh?

Honda TR200

Manufacturer Honda
Wheelbase 53.7 in (1,360 mm)
Dimensions L: 79.5 in (2,020 mm) W: 32.3 in (820 mm)
Seat height 29.7 in (750 mm)
Weight 264 lb (120 kg) (dry)

Why was the Honda Fat Cat discontinued?

Its radical design and unbeatable combination of four-stroke power and Velcro-like traction were deemed too much of a competitive advantage. As a result, in ’88, Honda discontinued the TR project and with it, the promise of a truly high-tech racing four-stroke.

How much is a 1987 Honda Fat Cat worth?


Excellent $1,290
Very Good $955
Good $765
Fair $415
Poor N/A

What’s the worst dirt bike?


  • 1974 HUSKY 450 DESERT MASTER. The head engineer, Reuben Helmen, designed this lost cause at the urging of his cousin- who he promptly disowned.
  • 1981 HONDA CR450. Actually, it was a 430.
  • CZ 250 ENDURO.

Is a Honda Fat Cat automatic?

The Honda Fat Cat was a motorcycle made only for two years, similar to the well-known Yamaha TW200. With a 199cc four-stroke engine putting power through a five speed transmission and an automatic clutch, this bike was unique due to its…

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How fast is a Honda Fat Cat?

Honda TR200
Production 86-87
Class Trail
Engine 200
Top Speed 50 mph


Does Honda still make fat cats?

They’re no longer available now, although you can still buy a street-legal TW200 today. This Fat Cat 650 was built by a shop known as Classified Moto. They have had a reputation for putting together custom machines that have a unique look and style.

Should I get a 250 or 450 dirt bike?

450cc dirt bikes are better for racing than 250cc dirt bikes Because they are more agile and fast, and their acceleration is much faster and more powerful.

What is the most reliable dirt bike brand?

Here’s a list of the 10 best, and most reliable, dirt bike brands:

  1. Yamaha. And the best dirt bike manufacturer, with the best reputation, goes to Yamaha.
  2. Suzuki. Like Honda, Suzuki is a large scale Japanese auto manufacturer.
  3. Beta.
  4. Honda.
  5. Kawasaki.
  6. KTM.
  7. Maico.
  8. Hyosung.

What is the best used dirt bike to buy?


  • SUZUKI RM250, 2003 – 2008. The reason that the Suzuki has recently climbed to number one on our list is value.
  • KTM 300, 2004 & LATER.
  • YAMAHA YZ250, 2005 & LATER.
  • KTM 250, 2004 & LATER.
  • HONDA CR250R, 2000, 2001.
  • HONDA CR250R, 2002-2007.
  • YAMAHA YZ125, 2005 & LATER.

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