FAQ: What Documents To Collect From Buyer When Selling A Motorbike In India?

How do I transfer ownership of a motorcycle?

Motorcycle Transfer of Ownership General Requirements

  1. Original Copy of Certificate of Registration (CR) and Official Receipt (OR).
  2. Original Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) Motor Vehicle Clearance certificate, macro-etching report and Special Bank Receipt (SBR).
  3. Duly accomplished original Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR).

What is the procedure of selling bike in India?

All the relevant documents such as Form 28 (NOC), Form 29 (Transfer of ownership), Form 30 (Intimation or report of transfer), a copy of your two-wheeler insurance policy, PUC and RC are to be transferred to the buyer of your vehicle. Inform The RTO – While making the sale, the RTO has to be intimated.

How do you protect yourself when selling a motorcycle?

Post Sale: Mail the DMV Release of Liability as soon as possible; best if mailed that same day. In the event the motorcycle is used in an illegal manner or is involved in an accident, this will keep you safe. Don’t forget to make a copy of the Release of Liability and keep it with your copy of the Bill of Sale.

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What to do after selling a motorcycle?

You sell a motorcycle the same way you sell a car. Receive payment, sign over title (fill in section on the back that releases your interest to the buyer) and then file a form with the DMV that releases your liability of the vehicle (a notice of sale ). Buyer takes the title into DMV to get the vehicle registered.

How much is LTO transfer of ownership?

LTO Transfer of Ownership Procedure An authorized inspector will inspect your vehicle and conduct emissions testing. Proceed to the cashier, pay for the fees (total: PHP 229.06 to PHP 379.06), and receive your official receipt.

What is the process of RC transfer?

Typically during vehicle sale, 2 forms are required. These are Form 29 and 30. Among these 2 forms, you must submit 2 copies of Form 29 along with just one copy of Form 30 to your local RTO (Regional Transport Office). Further, Form 32 will be necessary in case of transfer of car RC through an auction.

What documents are required for selling bike?

Documents Required for Bike Ownership Transfer

  • Registration Certificate ( RC ) book. Registration Certificate serves as a proof of bike’s registration and is thus an essential document.
  • Pollution under Control ( PuC ) certificate.
  • Sales Receipt.
  • Transfer deed.
  • Bike Insurance Certificate.
  • Road tax certificate.

Can I sell my bike without RC?

Btw, You can sell your vehicle without RC, if anyone is willing to take it without the RC. But, as you are selling the vehicle, you have to go to the RTO or else the Transfer of the vehicle is not possible.

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How can I sell my bike without papers?

So find a workshop and repair it. Return the bike to (A) if u no longer need it after repairing it. If you insist on selling the bike on your own and earn the money without papers, it is illegal even if you have verbal consent from (A). Only the registered owner have the right to sell it!!

When selling a motorcycle should I allow test drives?

It is advised to let potential buyers test drive a motorcycle you are selling. It’s also advised to have collateral against the buyer during a test drive such as the full asking price in cash and/or their driver’s license in the case they steal the motorcycle or damage it.

Where is the best place to sell my motorcycle?

Here are a few market places that might help you get top dollar for your bike. Autotrader ( motorcycles only), Motorcycle Classics, and of course Cycle Trader. For local listings you might even try Oodle, Pennysaver, or one of my favorites, Offerup. Local listing platforms usually have lower or zero fees to sell.

How do I protect myself as an online seller?

7 tips to protect yourself while online shopping

  1. Shop from secure websites only.
  2. Create a unique username and password for each account you have.
  3. Never provide your social security number.
  4. Never click on links or images within a promotional email.
  5. Never use free Wi-Fi at public places when online shopping.
  6. If a deal seems too good to be true, it likely is.

Is it hard to sell a motorcycle?

Sell a motorcycle the easy way. It’s going to be hard to sell your bike, and that comes from a combination of predictable hurdles, some of which are beyond your control. But when you can recognize the roadblocks, you can be prepared for a workaround and increase your chances of selling for a decent price.

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What do I need to know when selling a motorcycle?

Tips to sell your motorcycle

  1. Prep Your Motorcycle for Sale. Start your motorcycle, make sure it runs smoothly and is mechanically fit.
  2. Determine the Value of Your Motorcycle. You may want to check pricing guides, like Red Book or NADA, or online motorcycle forums.
  3. Choose a Sales Process.
  4. Pick a Safe Meeting Place.
  5. Host a Safe Test Drive.
  6. After the Sale.

Do CarMax buy motorcycles?

Answer: “ Does CarMax buy motorcycles?” The simple answer… No. CarMax is strictly into the business of buying and selling cars alone. They don’t buy or sell motorcycles.

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