FAQ: What Does Hiss Mean On A Motorbike?

What does hiss stand for Honda?

Honda’s immobilizer is called H.I.S.S., which stands for Honda Ignition Security System.

How do I turn hiss light off?

Turn the key to ON, hold down the small button on the left for 2 seconds, and then the hiss light starts to blink – now it’s activated. Turn key to OFF, and take out the key. To turn the hiss light off, it should be the same procedure, except the light will not start to blink after 2 seconds.

How do I reset my Honda hiss?

You can’t reset the HISS. All the HISS does is take note of the code from a specific key. You can make it recognise up to four keys but you need to have one of those keys first to be able to get into the system to add another key.

Is Honda hiss Thatcham approved?

Yamaha’s YISS (Yamaha Ignition Security System) is Thatcham approved, as is Honda’s HISS, Kawasaki’s KISS and Triumph’s Immobiliser System.

How does Honda hiss work?

H.I.S.S. is an electronic anti-theft device (called an immobilizer) that automatically disables the starting of the engine by means of electronic control. Stop and get off the bike, remove the ignition key – and from that moment on H.I.S.S. begins to work an effective amulet to ward off theft.

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What is Honda hiss2?

Honda’s H.I.S.S. ( Honda Ignition Security System) has been around for almost a decade and has undergone refinements to keep ahead of bike thieves. H.I.S.S. features a fail-safe electronic interlock that prevents the engine from being started in any way other than using the motorcycle’s two original keys.

When did Honda hiss come out?

Master Member. JM1 said: AFAIR it was introduced to the CBR Fireblade around 2000 for the 929 model, same time as EFI.

What is the best motorcycle alarm system?

  • MYSBIKER Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock – $25.
  • Oxford OF3 Boss Alarm Disc Lock – $110.
  • Gorilla Automotive 9100 Motorcycle Alarm with 2-Way Paging System – $180.
  • Scorpio SRX-900 Security System – $200.
  • Scorpio Maverick Security System – $250.

Is my car Thatcham approved?

Finding out if your car has one fitted can be done quickly and easily by checking your vehicle handbook. This means that they have been approved by The Thatcham Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre, which is an organisation connected to safety and security equipment for cars and other motor vehicles.

What is a Thatcham Category 1 Alarm?

Thatcham Category 1 – combined alarm and immobiliser A Thatcham Category 1 alarm will feature perimeter and ignition detection, and incorporate movement, glass break and/or tilt sensors. There’ll also be a siren powered by its own battery supply that will sound if your car gets broken into.

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