FAQ: What Is A Thumpstar Motorbike?

Are Thumpstar pit bikes any good?

Chinese Dirt Bikes The pit bikes sold by Thumpstar have good reviews and customers are pretty happy with the performance. This is why a pit bike could be the best alternative out there and one light and nimble enough for lighter bodies to handle.

Is Thumpstar a good brand?

After I got the jetting tuned the bike has been excellent. Starts easy, warms quickly, and idles smoothly at low rpms. I’m not going to lie to you about the quality of the Thumpstar. They are at least as good quality as any of the best ‘pitbike’ brands that have every existed.

What is Thumpstar pit bike?

Thumpstar was established in Australia in 2004 and has sold 40,000 off-road motorcycles worldwide. Predominantly a pit bike brand in the early stages, Thumpstar has evolved to adapt to the growing market of dirt bikes. The range encompasses motorcycles and quads ranging from 50-250cc with over 10 models to choose from.

Where are Thumpstar Dirtbikes made?

The 250cc/300cc two-stroke models will be produced in Spain. Thumpstar has been working with Josep Pibernat the founder of GasGas who retired briefly, but is now active again in the world of engine production.

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Why are pit bikes so cheap?

Pit bikes are so cheap because they are not designed to be competitive or function at the level of a normal dirt bike. Generally, they are manufactured pretty cheaply and are focused on being more of a toy than a vehicle. Pit bikes are toys, and will break quickly.

What is the best pit bike brand?

Best Pit Bike Brands 2021

  1. YCF Bigy 190 X 150 words. YCF stands for the Yannick Coquard Factory, founded by Yannick, an MX rider who aimed to bring cheaper bikes that were lighter, stronger, and better than the ‘big four’.
  2. Bucci Moto FM20MX.
  3. Pitster PRO MXR155 Best Pit Bike.
  4. Thumpstar 230 Best Pit Bike 2021.
  5. Kawasaki KLX110.
  6. Honda CRF150.
  7. Yamaha YZ85.

How fast does a 125 Thumpstar go?


Engine YX | 4 Stroke
Exhaust Pipebomb DW1 | 38mm Exhaust System
Final Drive PSC 6 Bolt Sprocket | 428 HD Chain
Top Speed 90kph / 55mph (depending on gearing)


Where are Pitster pro bikes made?

Just to give you guys some info I own a pitster pitbike and know a bit about these bikes, or atleast the smaller ones. The parts are made in china shipped state side and assembled.

Are Thumpstar pit bikes Chinese?

Well-Known Member. yep they are chinease but they are one of the best chinease made bikes and are superior mini bikes.

How fast is a 140 pit bike?

Larger 140-cc pit bikes with stock sprocket gearing are capable of a 70- mph top speed in high gear.

How tall is a SSR 125 pit bike?


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Wheelbase 47 inches
Seat Height 30 inches
Ground Clearance 10.5 inches
Fuel Tank 0.8 gallons


How fast are 110cc pit bikes?

A 110cc dirt bike travels up to 49 miles per hour or 79 kilometres per hour. This is very quick and it’s certainly faster than cars in residential streets.

When was the first pit bike made?

The first dirt bike was created in around 1914 by a guy called Siegfried Bettmann. He was the first one to take the motorcycles that were already on the market and design them more for off-road use. They weren’t very popular until the 1950s when Honda started manufacturing and bring them to the Market.

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