How To Beat Catwoman Motorbike In Lego Batman 2?

How do you beat the chemical crisis in Lego Batman 2?

In this mission you have to watch out for chemicals on the ground (to clean them up you have to use hazard suit). Move to the right side and destroy a bottle and other items near the corner (picture). After that use bricks to build a lever and pull it to get access to the Robin’s suit.

How do I complete asylum assignment?

Asylum Assignment | Walkthrough LB2 Guide. Build a platform (with hazard suit for Robin) using bricks near the entrance. Now move right, jump Robin into the water and pull the lever on the left. In this way you will unlock electricity suit for Batman (you can move on the electrifying surfaces in it).

How do you activate the terminal in Lego Batman 2?

I was stuck here for a while too, very unclear but you have to destroy the object on the platform where it says to activate the terminal, that will allow you to build the sensor suit for Batman, then with that, go over the the green box and use the sensor suit to get Robin’s acrobat suit, then with robin, go over the

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How do you beat destination metropolis in Batman 2?

Use rockets (press K) to destroy all silver bricks in the room. Get out of the vehicle and use bricks to build two cranes and valves. Turn them (picture) and when the cranes take out the rocket use laser at the gold point. This action will destroy big doors in front of you.

How do you use a Robin hazard suit?

Walk around as Hazard Suit Robin until you find a pool of water. Jump in the pool to fill the pack on the suit so that you can spray water out of it (pressing A to get the gun out, and then A again to spray).

How do you freeze water in Lego Batman 2?

Move right and use pistol on the blue bricks (picture). Now move to the left and get two handles down (picture). When the water gets higher the platform with ice suit for Robin will show up on the right side. Wear it, get back to the swimming water and use pistol to freeze the water (picture).

How do you get all the Minikits in Lego Batman 2?

To get the minikits, you’ll need to first complete the campaign, and then play through each mission in Free Play mode for collecting the minikits. For collecting these minikits, you’ll need the following additional characters:

  1. Aquaman.
  2. Cyborg.
  3. Green Lantern.
  4. Lex Luthor.
  5. Man-Bat.
  6. Poison Ivy.
  7. The Joker.
  8. The Penguin.

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