How To Fix Over Torque Motorbike Axle Bolt?

Can you over tighten a motorcycle axle?

If you over – tighten the rear axle you could strip the threads on the axle but more likely will put more pressure on the wheel bearing. Over – tightening the axle nut can also make the wheel “drag.” If it feels like the wheel is sliding, that sounds more like you ‘re missing a spacer to me!

Can you over tighten through axle?

You should screw your through axle according to the manufacturer’s specified torque value range. Keeping the axle under-torqued is dangerous, and over -torquing it might damage the fork/frame dropouts.

How tight should a motorcycle axle nut be?

You can put anywhere from 50 to 100 lbs or more on that nut and be just fine. If you put anti seize on it, use about 60lbs. If it makes you feel better, I have a bike with the same size axle and the factory spec is 137lbs.

Does a torque wrench need axle nut?

OEM and bearing manufacturers always recommend using a torque wrench for installation. During removal, an impact wrench can damage the axle nut threads and shock the CV joints. It can also create a false sense of security when adjusting a nut or bolt, which may be under or over torqued.

How tight should quick release wheels be?

It is better to have the QR slightly too tight than slightly too loose with disk brakes. Also, the QR lever should always point backwards as shown. That makes it less likely to catch on anything and be pulled open (or throw you off the bike).

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What happens if you over tighten axle nut?

An axle nut that is too tight will put too much preload on the hub bearings thus diminishing their life expectancy.

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