How To Remove Motorbike Rear Wheel?

How do you take the back wheel off a bike without quick release?

To remove the back wheel without a quick – release, follow the down steps:

  1. First, shift the rear cog.
  2. Then open the quick release if it has one nut.
  3. If the bike has a center-pull design, then you can undo the yoke cable.
  4. The other way to take out the wheel is to lose the air from the tires.

How do you fix a punctured rear wheel on a bike?

Step by step guide

  1. Take out your wheel. For most bikes, you’ll need to take the wheel out to remove the inner tube.
  2. Deflate the tyre.
  3. Remove the tyre on one side.
  4. Remove the tube and find the puncture.
  5. Fix the puncture.
  6. Replace the tube.
  7. Put your tyre back on.
  8. Inflate your tyre.

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