Often asked: Dragon City How To Breed Motorbike Dragon?

How do you breed dragons in Dragon City?

The best breeding combination for legendary elemental dragons is by breeding together Pure + Pure for all of the legendary dragon breed ranks. Pure + Pure is the best breeding combination to breed Dragon City legendary dragons.

How do you breed Felidae Dragon in Dragon City?

The Felidae Dragon is not breedable. Future events may also come up that allow you to win the Felidae Dragon.

What are the strongest dragons in Dragon City?

Strongest Dragons In Dragon City

  • Legendary Dragon.
  • Pure Dragon.
  • Elements Dragon.
  • Apocalypse Dragon.
  • Supersonic Dragon.
  • High Guardian Dragon.
  • Double Terra.
  • Cool Fire Dragon.

Why can’t I breed the gummy dragon?

Guest answered: Since the gummy dragon has an element of nature and electric, you can achieve this by using a generation 2 dragon that has either nature or electric element and breed it with the generation 1 dragon. Star or Chameleon[Both are Terra + Electric] + nature dragon will also produce the gummy dragon.

What two dragons make a gummy dragon?

Best Way To Breed Gummy Dragon The easiest way to breed the Gummy Dragon is by combining a Double Electric + Nature or Double Nature + Electric Dragon.

What dragons do you breed to get a legendary dragon?

The Legendary Dragon is a special dragon with a very special element called Legend Element. Once you get a pure dragon, you can use it to breed pure hybrid dragons. Pure + Pure is the best breeding combination to breed the legendary dragon Dragon City.

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