Often asked: How Long Will It Take Me To Motorbike To Ubud?

Can I ride a motorbike in Bali?

Although having your own motorcycle to go wherever you want is very comfortable, you can get around Bali without a scooter without a problem. Luckily, there are a lot of tours in Bali that take you to the main places to visit in Bali.

Is it safe to ride a scooter in Ubud?

Generally, Ubud is a pretty safe place to ride, and even to learn to ride; but it’s not entirely without risk. My general advice is: don’t be afraid, just be careful!

Is grab illegal in Ubud?

Grab and Uber are banned in Ubud, but some tourists still get away with it. If you’re willing to take the risks (Remember my story!), do it discreetly.

Do you need motorbike Licence in Bali?

The answer is yes, you do need an international drivers license to rent a scooter in Bali. Yup until recently there was an alternative in which you could go to the police station in Denpasar and get a local license. It’s not hard to get an international license in most countries.

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Is grab illegal in Bali?

Do not book via online taxi apps like GOJEK or Grab. It is illegal for them to pick you up, so no one will take your booking.

Can foreigners drive in Bali?

You have to show your international driving license AND the normal licnse during a traffic stop. One is not enough. You can get a temporary Balinese driving license (tourist driver’s license-but ONLY if you hold KITAS/ long term Indonesia visas) from the police station in Denpasar within a day.

How much does it cost to hire a scooter in Bali?

How much does it cost to rent a scooter in Bali? The cost to pay to rent a scooter in Bali / Bali bike rental is around IDR 40,000 to 70,000 per day.

Should I rent a car in Bali?

It’s much easier to either rent a car from an agency or find a private driver. You can agree on a price beforehand rather than having to constantly shell out taxi fees. So, our answer is a resounding yes – you definitely should consider renting a car in Bali!

Are taxis expensive in Bali?

How much is the taxi fare in Bali? The basic fee is IDR7,000.00, the kilometer price is IDR6,600.00. For standing and waiting time, IDR42,500.00 is charged per hour.

Does Uber exist in Indonesia?

Uber and other apps in Indonesia are not allowed to pick up passengers from airports, train stations, hotels, malls and public buildings where official taxi ranks are established. I personally do not use them and prefer to support legal taxi companies. Uber or any online taxis are not welcomed in most areas.

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Is there grab in Indonesia?

A couple of months ago, Grab announced its expansion to 100 cities in Indonesia, making it the dominant player in the country. Meanwhile, Go-Jek and Uber can be accessed in only 50 cities and 34 Indonesian cities, respectively.

Can foreigners drive in Indonesia?

Foreigners are only permitted to obtain Class A licenses (private cars) or Class C licenses (motorcycles). Although it is fairly easy to obtain a driver’s license, it may be somewhat difficult to adjust to the driving conditions that exist in most major Indonesian cities.

Can I drive in Bali with UK license?

No your uk licences are not valid to drive in bali, you have to have an international licence, they are easy to get from either AA or RAC. You can apply now and the licence will start from the day you travel.

Can I rent a bike in Bali?

Bali Bike Rental guarantees fresh new bikes as they let go of those exceeding a certain mileage, with daily rentals starting from Rp 80,000.

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