Often asked: How Much Does A Vespa Motorbike Cost?

How much is the cheapest Vespa?

Vespa Sprint Price

  • Vespa Sprint 50 CC Price: $4,099.
  • Vespa Sprint 50 Notte Price: $4,199.
  • Vespa Sprint 150 CC Price: $5,649.
  • Vespa Sprint 150 Sport Price: $5,749.
  • Vespa Sprint 150 Notte Price: $5,749.

Is a Vespa worth the money?

Vespas are regarded as an expensive “lifestyle” brand and for use during nice weather. They are known to break down more than other brands, which is why Honda, Yamaha etc. are the top sellers when it comes to the 50 to 300cc range.

How much is a new Vespa moped?

It will set you back around $11,000, but you’ll do the whole world a huge favor by driving smart. Over and above everything else, to answer your “how much does a Vespa cost?” question, you should know that Vespas are not quite as expensive as people assume.

Which is the best Vespa to buy?

  • 2019 – 2021 Vespa GTS Super 300 HPE. The new high performance engine makes for a more lively ride.
  • 2020 Vespa Elettrica 70 KM/H.
  • 2020 Vespa Sprint 50 S.
  • 2019 – 2020 Vespa GTS 300 HPE.
  • 2019 – 2020 Vespa Sprint 150.
  • 2020 Vespa GTS SuperTech 300 HPE.
  • 2020 Vespa Primavera 50.
  • 2020 Vespa GTS SuperSport 300 HPE.
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Why is Vespa so expensive?

Vespa is an Italian brand, so if you plan to buy this scooter for good engine, speed then it is a very ripoff deal but the maintenance cost is very high as it is a premium scooter in India, plus the resell value is quite high if you find the right buyer who knows it’s a premium scooter making it comparatively expensive

How long do Vespas last?

A properly maintained Vespa should last a long time, well beyond 38,000 miles.

Is it hard to ride a Vespa?

Many Vespas have large engines and can operate and high speeds. For most people, they are easier to ride than motorcycles. Vespas aren’t the only form of motorized scoters. The down side of Vespas and other similar type scooters is that they are very dangerous.

Are Vespas easy to steal?

Motorcycle Insurance: Vespas are easy to steal and (sort of) hard to insure. I’ve had two Vespas stolen — my first was never recovered, and I got an insurance payout for it.

What size Vespa should I buy?

Smallframe Vespa If you don’t have the required driver’s license, or just want to have a simple machine for commuting and enjoying a easy drive around town, then you might want to consider going for a smallframe 50 cc (49cc) scooter.

What is high mileage for a Vespa?

These rides are usually from 125 to 350 miles over country roads. We usually run at 55 to 65 mph and they are perfect in this environment.

Which is better Lambretta or Vespa?

‘An old Lambretta is just as reliable as an old Vespa, but of course Piaggio continued to produce scooters, so obviously the newer ones are technically more advanced and so more reliable. ‘ Now Lambretta is back, sort of. Whereas the new Vespas are more akin to the modern Fiat 500.

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How much is a 2020 Vespa?

Vespa Models. Vespa’s 2020 lineup ranges from 50 cc models up to models with 300 cc engines and ranging in price from $3,999 to $10,499.

Are Vespas still made in Italy?

Where are Vespas made? The factory is at Pontedera, near Pisa in Northern Italy, and it’s more like a small town than a scooter factory. All Vespas sold in the European market are made at Pontedera while models for the Asian market are made in Vietnam and the Baramati plant in India.

What is the best Vespa for a beginner?

If you’re totally set on a Vespa ( good taste, by the way), I would definately recommend a used one for your first, like the others have said. If you go for a modern Vespa, you’ll be looking for either an ET2, LX50, or S50 for the 50cc class, or an ET4, LX150, LXV150, or S150 for the 150cc class.

Can you use a Vespa on the highway?

Can any of the scooters at Vespa Motorsport be driven on the freeway? Any 150cc or larger scooter can legally be driven on California freeways. In truth, most 150cc scooters are too small for freeway driving in California, so for safe freeway driving, we recommend 300cc or more.

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