Often asked: How To Get Harley Quinn’s Motorbike In Lego Batman 2?

Where are the vehicles in Lego Batman 2?

Unlockable Vehicles

Vehicle Cost Where to Find
Clown Goon Boat 100,000 Floating at the dock on the west side of the southern island.
Fire Engine 100,000 Parked near Gotham Cathedral.
Giant Dodgem 500,000 Parked in the Amusement Mile parking lot.
Harley Quinn’s Monster Truck 1,000,000 Parked in the Amusement Mile parking lot.


How do you freeze water in Lego Batman 2?

Move right and use pistol on the blue bricks (picture). Now move to the left and get two handles down (picture). When the water gets higher the platform with ice suit for Robin will show up on the right side. Wear it, get back to the swimming water and use pistol to freeze the water (picture).

How do you get gold bricks in Lego Batman 2?

60 of the Gold Bricks can be found in Story Mode. Earn a Gold Brick in each chapter by:

  1. Completing the chapter.
  2. Rescuing the Citizen in Peril.
  3. Collecting all 10 Minikits.
  4. Collecting enough Studs to achieve Super Hero status.

How do you get the Minikits in Lego Batman 2?

Clear the slime using Aquaman and open the box using The Riddler to get the minikit. Smash the silver box to the right using the Penguin. Then, make the control panel and use it with Batman. This will spawn ten robots, all of which you need to shoot to get a minikit.

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How much does the Joker cost in Lego Batman 2?


Character Cost Gold Bricks
Hawkman 125,000 60
Huntress 125,000 50
Hush 100,000
Joker 250,000


Who voices the Joker in Lego Batman 2?


Clancy Brown Lex Luthor (voice)
Townsend Coleman Mr. Freeze / Mad Hatter / Commissioner Gordon / General Zod (voice)
Bridget Hoffman Lois Lane / Supergirl (voice)
Christopher Corey Smith The Joker (voice) (as Chris Smith )
Anna Vocino Vicki Vale / Katana (voice)


How do you beat the chemical crisis in Lego Batman 2?

In this mission you have to watch out for chemicals on the ground (to clean them up you have to use hazard suit). Move to the right side and destroy a bottle and other items near the corner (picture). After that use bricks to build a lever and pull it to get access to the Robin’s suit.

How do I pass asylum assignment?

Asylum Assignment | Walkthrough LB2 Guide. Build a platform (with hazard suit for Robin) using bricks near the entrance. Now move right, jump Robin into the water and pull the lever on the left. In this way you will unlock electricity suit for Batman (you can move on the electrifying surfaces in it).

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