Often asked: Where Is The Wildlands Deluxe Edition Motorbike?

Where is the llama bike in wildlands?

Head to the Los Jinetes Locos section of the map. Your best spawn point is the Pucara Charlie rally point. You’ll want to spawn a helicopter and fly down to the Santa Muerte Tomb location. Park on the very top of the tomb, and the llama bike will be waiting for you.

What do you get with wildlands Gold Edition?

The Gold Edition comes packed with the base game, as well as exclusive Deluxe Edition premium gear, weapons, and vehicles. Also included with Gold is the season pass, which includes two expansions – Narco Road and Fallen Ghosts – and a one-week early access pass to all Ghost War PvP post-launch classes.

What is the difference between Ghost Recon Deluxe and gold?

Deluxe gets you the base game plus a few extra goodies many There is the wilderness rifle (exclusive shotgun), a huntsman motorbike, three exclusive gear patches, three character customization items, and three exclusive weapon skins. Going Gold gets you all that and the games Season Pass.

What is in wildlands Ultimate Edition?

YOUR OFFICIAL TOM CLANCY’S GHOST RECON WILDLANDS ULTIMATE EDITION KEY GIVES YOU: Season Pass – Narco Road DLC, Fallen Ghosts DLC, two exclusive missions, the Ghost War Pass, and more. Year 2 Pass – Early access to 6 new Ghost War Classes, the Splinter Cell pack, 4 Spec Op crates, and 4 Ghost War crates.

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What is a llama ghost?

The SIG556 Llama is a special variant of the 556xi assault rifle featured in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands that can be obtained through the Ubisoft Club. It is pre-customized, therefor it cannot be changed.

What does the year 2 pass include Ghost Recon?

The Year 2 Pass grants access to all six Year 2 Classes of the Ghost War PVP Mode. The pass also includes: Eight Battle Crates (four Spec Ops and four Ghost War Crates), The Splinter Cell Equipment Pack and the Operator Equipment Pack.

What is Ghost Recon Ultimate Edition?

The Year 1 Pass includes two DLCs, a launch mission, early unlock for three new classes, and the Spec Ops Forces Pack. The Ultimate Edition includes all Gold content, plus the Trail TX motorbike, a Spider buggy, a bonus mission, and the Survivor Pack.

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