Question: How Do I Attatch A Gopro To My Motorbike?

What is the best GoPro mount for a motorcycle?

#1-Biker GoPro Gripper Universal Bar Mount This allows it to fit virtually every handlebar or round bar on motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV’s, UTV’s, and many other power sports vehicles. Requires only 3⁄4” of handlebar space and can be mounted at any angle.

Where is the best place to mount a GoPro on a motorcycle helmet?

One of the most common places to mount your GoPro on a motorcycle helmet is on the top of it, in the middle, and at the front of the helmet.

Can I mount GoPro on motorcycle helmet?

The GoPro Flat + Curved Adhesive Mounts are simple mounting pieces. They come in a six-pack that includes three mounts for flat surfaces and three mounts for curved surfaces, and they can be attached on helmets, boats, surfboards, quadcopters and many other items. They’re compatible with all GoPro cameras.

How do you mount a GoPro to a modular helmet?

There are different ways that you can mount the GoPro onto your modular helmet, and one of them is using a chest harness or directly mounting your GoPro onto the bike. You can also use a gimbal to mount on your helmet, and there are ones that will work perfectly with your phone as well.

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