Question: How To Control Motorbike In Air Battlegrounds?

How can I control PUBG on my PC?


  1. WASD/ Directionals: Move.
  2. Left Click: Fire, punch or melee.
  3. Right Click: ADS.
  4. Spacebar: Jump, vault, swim.
  5. C: Crouch.
  6. Z: Prone.
  7. Free Look: Alt (Look around without losing your aim)
  8. Shift: Sprint.

Where are the motorcycles in PUBG?

The Motorcycle is currently the only vehicle that cannot boost, but is also the fastest vehicle in PUBG. Like the Dacia, Motorcycles can be found in garages throughout the map.

What is the motorcycle in PUBG?

The Dirt Bike is a new single seater motorcycle. Spawns on all maps, excluding Karakin. Available in Normal, Custom Matches and Training Mode.

How do you change game loop controls?

How to change controls for PUBG Mobile in Tencent Gaming Buddy

  1. Step 1: First, click on the key mapping option available on the right sidebar of the screen.
  2. Step 2: A key mapping menu pops up.
  3. Step 3: Press the button to be used in place of that key.
  4. Step 4: Save the arrangement.

What key is fire in PUBG?

Check the Controls tab in the game for other hotkeys and the full exhaustive list. Combat.

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Action Button
Fire Left Mouse Button
Aim/ADS Right Mouse Button
Aim Unassigned


Which is the fastest vehicle in PUBG?

PUBG Best Vehicles

PUBG Vehicle Description Max Speed
Buggy 2 •• The Buggy is light making it a fast, however, its open frames leaves you vulnerable to bullets. 100 km / h
Motorcycle 2 •• Another fast option for traveling, but also the easiest for other players to shoot you off. 152 km / h


How do you refuel in PUBG?

You can refuel while staying in the vehicle – The only condition is that the vehicle is still. Once you stop, you only have to right-click on the gas-tank in your inventory to refuel. You can control the parameters of the controlled car on-the-fly.

Where does the monster truck spawn in PUBG?

Northeast of Holdhus, a large town in the lower-left hand corner of the map, is a small cluster of unnamed buildings. Right on the edge of the buildings, you’ll find a Monster Truck parked quite conspicuously. You can’t miss it — it’s as big as most of the buildings.

How do you flip a bike in PUBG?

Essentially you’ll need to chuck one explosive grenade as close as you can to one side of your overturned car. The force of the explosion should push it back onto its wheels.

How many cars are there in PUBG?

Drivable vehicles

Vehicle Occupants Health
Dacia 1300 4 •••• ~ 1820
Mirado 4 •••• N/A
Van 6 •••••• ~1680
Pickup 4 •••• N/A


How do you set a game loop?

2) Gameloop Basic Settings:

  1. General Settings.
  2. Download Mode: Download Priority Mode.
  3. Rendering: Direct X+ or OpenGL (Update)
  4. Antialiasing: Closed/Disabled.
  5. Memory: Same as your Ram.
  6. Processor: Same as your System Processors Cores.
  7. Resolution: Your Monitor Resolution.
  8. DPI: 240.

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