Quick Answer: Persona 5 Where To Buy Motorbike Figure?

Where can I buy the best of KGB49?

  • Best of KGB49: Underground Mall, 3000 Yen.
  • Dragon Sword Keychain: Akihabara, 500 Yen.
  • Motorbike Figure: Akihabara, 3600 Yen.
  • Local Mascot Set: Akihabara, 3600 Yen.
  • Snack Pack: Shibuya Central Street, 5800 Yen.
  • Heart Ring: Underground Mall, 88,000 Yen.
  • Heart Necklace: Underground Mall, 68,000 Yen.

What does Makoto like as a gift?

Mini Cactus (Shibuya Underground Mall) Designer Perfume (Shibuya Underground Mall) Classical Hits (Shibuya Underground Mall) Heart Ring (Shibuya Underground Mall)

What gifts does maruki like Persona 5?

P5R: List of ♪♪♪ gifts for Maruki (With picture references)

  • 復刻版万年筆 – Fountain Pen (¥8,000)
  • 超騒音目覚まし時計 – Super Noisy Alarm clock (¥12,000)
  • 最新 ロボット掃除機 – Latest model of a Roomba (¥44,800)
  • 48面立方体パズル – Rubik’s cube (¥3,200)
  • 卓上用ミニサボテン – Table-top mini cactus (¥1,600)
  • 万能 ビタミン剤 – Vitamin pills (¥4,500)

What does Kawakami like as a gift?

The Temperance: Sadayo Kawakami Gifts: Perfume, fragrance gift, and cake from Shibuya Underground mall, and mirror from Shinjuku General Store.

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What gift does Chihaya like?

Best Gifts for Chihaya Mifune – Fortune Arcana

  • Glass Vase – Japanese Sundries, Underground Mall, Shibuya.
  • Flower Basket – Flower Shop, Shinjuku.
  • Star Mirror – General Store, Shinjuku.
  • Incense Set – Cosmetics Store, Underground Mall, Shibuya.

What gifts do akechi like?

P5R: List of ♪♪♪ gifts for Akechi (With picture references)

  • 最新美顔器 – Newest model of a facial skin care product (¥9,800)
  • 高級アロマセット – High-Quality Aroma Set (¥3,800)
  • シルバーバングル – Silver Bangle (¥78,000)
  • 万能ビタミン剤 – Vitamin pills (¥4,500)
  • 最新ロボット掃除機 – Latest model of a Roomba (¥44,800)

Who is the best Waifu in Persona 5?

Persona has seen a lot of potential waifus over the years but some of them have been a much better option than others! Persona: 8 Best Waifus In The Series (& 7 Of The Absolute Worst Options)

  1. 1 BEST: Tae Takemi.
  2. 2 WORST: Chihaya Mifune.
  3. 3 BEST: Chihiro Fushimi.
  4. 4 WORST: Fuuka Yamagishi.
  5. 5 BEST: Mitsuru Kirijo.

Do gifts restock Persona 5?

Unfortunately shops don’t restock, which is weird because favorite gifts do overlap between confidants.

When can you give gifts Persona 5 Royal?

There are some Gifts that can only be given once you have a Romantic Relationship with that Confidant. If you are sure that you are giving +3 boost responses to certain Confidants during rank-up dates, you can opt to give the gift to another one just to catch up.

How long does it take to beat Persona 5 Royal?

Persona 5 Royal The main story is approximately 103 hours long, and extra content can take that number to over 125 hours.

What is wunderkind p5?

Next, the “kind” part. That’s probably Child. So a ” wunderkind ” would be A prodigy.

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What gift should I give sojiro?

Unfortunately, there is very little information about which gifts are best for Sojiro Sakura. So far as we can tell, you will receive the most notes by giving him a wristwatch, fountain pen case, or (maybe) the kitchen set. As to whether other gifts comparably boost your Confidant score with him is yet to be seen.

What gift should I give Kawakami Persona 5?

Chocolate Truffles (Shibuya Underground Mall) Incense Set (Shibuya Underground Mall) Crimson Lipstick (Shibuya Underground Mall) Rakugo Collection (Shibuya Underground Mall)

Does Persona 5 have romance?

There’s romance in the air in Persona 5, as the player can entice a variety of different characters throughout the game. A Persona 5 Romance can only be initiated once you’ve built up your Social Link with a character, but we’ll cover all that and more throughout the guide below.

What is Kawakami?

Kawakami (written: 川上) is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include: Bertha Kawakami (1931–2017), American educator and politician. Bizan Kawakami (川上 眉山, 1869–1908), Japanese writer. Gensai Kawakami (1834–1871), a famous samurai.

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