What Is A Susuki Sdr Z Offroad Motorbike Built In 2011 Worth Today?

How much is a DRZ 400 worth?

Suzuki DR-Z400S / DR-Z400SM Pricing

Model: DR-Z400S DR-Z400SM
└ 2016, 2017: $6,599 $7,199
└ 2018: $6,699 $7,299
└ 2019: $6,749 $7,349

What is a good price for a used dirt bike?

The best dirt bikes by popular companies cost on average around $8,000 -$9,000. Used bikes being sold depreciate about $1,000 for every year of their age; for example, a 2016 dirt bike worth about $8,000 new would be worth about $4,000 now, depending on how well the previous owner cared for the bike.

Is the DRZ400 a good bike?

As we all know, a bike that ticks all the boxes and is considered the perfect adventure bike is a mythical machine. However, the DRZ400 does a pretty good job of ticking a good portion of those boxes and can be considered a pretty good adventure bike for riders who enjoy routes that lean more towards off-road riding.

What does Drz stand for?


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Acronym Definition
DRZ Diagonal Radioactive Zone
DRZ DePrince, Race & Zollo, Inc. (asset management company)
DRZ Disturbed Rock Zone
DRZ Deutsche Rechts Zeitschrift (German: German Law Journal)

How many miles will a DRZ 400 last?

I’ve had 2 DR650’s go 50,000 miles with no problems and they’re air/oil cooled. Aside from general wear stuff like sprockets,chains,brakes,wheel/head bearings etc. Zuki makes some reliable stuff and I.M.H.O. 20,000 miles is nothing!

Is the DRZ 400 street legal?

The Suzuki DR-Z400 is a dual-sport motorcycle manufactured by Suzuki beginning in 2000. DR-Z400E – electric-start, not street legal (US), street legal (AUS) DR-Z400S – street legal (headlight, taillight, turn signals, mirrors and horn)

Why are dirt bikes so expensive 2020?

Dirt Bikes cost so much money because of the materials required to build them, as well as the cost to import them from Japan and Europe. These bikes typically aren’t the most reliable nor the most technologically advanced, but can still help you get out there on the trails.

What is the best used dirt bike to buy?


  • SUZUKI RM250, 2003 – 2008. The reason that the Suzuki has recently climbed to number one on our list is value.
  • KTM 300, 2004 & LATER.
  • YAMAHA YZ250, 2005 & LATER.
  • KTM 250, 2004 & LATER.
  • HONDA CR250R, 2000, 2001.
  • HONDA CR250R, 2002-2007.
  • YAMAHA YZ125, 2005 & LATER.

Whats faster 2 stroke or 4 strokes?

Because 2 – stroke engines are designed to run at a higher RPM, they also tend to wear out faster; a 4-stroke engine is generally more durable. That being said, 2 – stroke engines are more powerful. Two- stroke engines are a much simpler design, making them easier to fix. They do not have valves, but rather ports.

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What is the difference between Suzuki DR and Drz?

The DR has a longer stroke motor which tends to be more torquey as the DRZ is a higher reving engine and makes it’s power further up in the RPM range. Both bikes can be made to perform more like the other depending on what you’re after but both will do the job of trail riding very well.

Can a DRZ400 be lowered?

DRZ400, DRZ400E, DRZ400S, DRZ400SM These turnbuckle style lowering links are infinitely adjustable between stock height and a 4 inch drop.

Is a Supermoto A good first bike?

Registered. Supermotos are great man, they would certainly be suited as a first bike, benign and encouraging handling thanks to wide bars, light and flickable, etc.

Is Drz fuel injected?

It is much more “Stompy” than the CV carb’ed version and at the onset looks to be more fuel efficient. The throttle body come from an injected LTZ400 which is a very close relation in terms of motor to the DRZ. It is made by Keihin and 38mm.

How much horsepower does a Suzuki DRZ 400 have?

Suzuki DR-Z 400SM

Make Model Suzuki DR-Z 400 SM
Starting Electric
Max Power 29.2 kW / 39.7 hp @ 8500 rpm (rear wheel: 24.9 kW / 33.4 hp
Max Torque 39 Nm / 3.98 kg-m / 28.8 lb-ft @ 6600 rpm
Clutch Wet, multiple discs, cable operated


What is Drz 3X3 MOD?

The “ 3X3 airbox mod ” is the opening up the airbox inlet to a size of 3 inches x 3 inches to increase airflow. Teamed up with upgraded jetting and a performance exhaust it provides a noticeable performance improvement.

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